Here I will be honest, brutally honest!

Honesty. I’m at the fork in the road where I have to choose between honesty and talking more nonsense…

talking nonsense.gif

You see, I have another established blog where I pen my thoughts, after they have been through a process of filtering, name removal, twisting of sentences not to insult anyone and a final coat of rose tinted lacquer. Gets along fine, but it is not my best work, it is not what is really on my heart. It is not what I really experienced. It is not what is true for me.

My truth would be genuine and relatable, what I want through as a kid, many kids before me have experienced. But therein lies the beauty, Those kids who are now older can hear me speak and be comforted, if I could only speak the truth. Mention how my parents neglected me for the church, how my brother’s drug addiction led to so many of my issues, rant about how small town- mentality stifled my development as an individual.



So what you know about me already, I am a married woman, struggling with bipolar disorder. What else can I tell you without bringing the possible options of who I can be to a too small amount… I’m a chemical engineer, in the academic field, prone to fukin up stuff for herself. Oh and I’m from ┬áhahahahaha not gonna tell you!

So now you know the purpose of this blog; to tell of my journey through BD and married life and how I’m getting better slowly but surely. This will involve the telling of stories from my past to paint a better picture. ENJOY!


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