I’m not okay, not in the least

So I reached out to a friend just now, she asked me how I was doing. I said I’m anxious and there is nothing anyone can do for me. She told me to talk her through it and this was my reply: I  have been feeling awry for days now, I think I’m just not coping with the stress of the experiment I have to do tomorrow and husband being out of town since Monday isn’t helping . I feel numb, utterly unable to focus on anything, tired of life and  bored at the same time.   Been in the bath now for 3 hours. I can’t get out, I can’t face ordinary life right now.  I don’t wanna be alone but the thought of having to hold a conversation scares me to death. I am,  in short: fukd

Where I live it’s already dark outside and I never switched the bathroom light on so I’m literally and figuratively  in the dark.

I’m posting this from my phone so no cool pics or anything. Just my reality right now. 


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