I wanna be a duck

So I need to finish this project but things just don’t want to work. I’ve had so many different problems now already I honestly dunno which way to turn.


My psychologist highlighted something with me when I saw him earlier this week. I’m always trying to make sense of everything, always trying to see where everything fits in, what’s behind what’s happening. So when I experienced another failure last night I wrote this in my journal

“You know what I realized last night? That this was just something going wrong, not God failing me or me being a failure, just shit happening. It doesn’t have some deeper meaning, it isn’t a sign or a test, it’s just a mistake or fluke that things didn’t work out. So I’m not gonna internalize this. I’m gonna let it roll off my back like water off a duck’s back.”

Hopefully this is progress… if not:

middle finger.jpg



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